The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed, in a short time, our way of life. Home has become more significant than ever. Before, it was a place of arrival, the meeting point with the family, a place to rest. Nowadays it has become the place where we live and coexist, the first line of defense against the virus. But what about people who have not had this refuge?

The lack of information has resonated on the streets. Some organisations that cover the most basic needs such as food, shelter, access to showers or a change of clothes have seen themselves temporarily closed or in reduced hours. People with different personalities and completely different situations have been living together in social services centres, sharing spaces, meals, and emotions that were never known before.

Vides flotants is the voice of Albert, Joana, and Xavi, three homeless people who have had their daily life made even more difficult, as a result of the current situation.

The project, which seeks coherence in every decision, is based on an archive of feelings, reflections, and realities of homeless people to escape from a compassionate look based on prejudice and ignorance.

Through ethnography and life stories, we want to give a voice to stories that miss, these months more than ever, the feeling of having an own and safe refuge that allows them to stop thinking about the uncertainty of where they will sleep tomorrow.