Packaging design of a limited winter edition for Tequila Patrón. A natural brand who never takes shortcuts and uses only high-quality raw ingredients to develop deep, complex flavours. 

The design goes back to the roots of Mexico's culture, specifically the Aztec tradition of Panquetzaliztli, the annual celebration of the winter solstice. 

The bottle design is in line with the brand's portfolio, but the textures and shapes are influenced by this pagan, traditional and astral imagery. Following the same concept, the box contains illustrations of the winter solstice, combined with visual references to the Stone of the Sun, an Aztec monolith with inscriptions on solar cults.

With: Clara Vendrell

The unboxing experience is a key part of the design, as this is an edition designed to be given as a gift. That is why, when the lid of the case is lifted, the lower part unfolds like a flower, revealing an illustration of the celestial dome, governed by the bottle in the centre.